I Want (NO) Reality

Screening: September 29th – 6 pm – Barka Alrina (details: www.alrina.pl)

Meeting with the director after the screening.

Jan Lauwers, just like Tadeusz Kantor, integrates theatre and visual art in his. Needcompany, just like Theatre Cricot 2 of Tadeusz Kantor, is an exceptional ensemble, combining artistic expression of its leader with actors’ individual sensitivity.

I Want (NO) Reality is a sensual & entertaining glimpse at a 5-year relationship of a young director with a group of artists who made a fundamental choice of putting creativity beyond everything else in their lives.

Ana Brzezińska’s debut movie features Needcompany, an internationally famous theatre ensemble – one of the most popular avant-garde theatre companies in Europe. Creators of the movie show that there is more to Needcompany’s spectacular success than mere artistic prowess. I Want (NO) Reality is a radical affirmation of the belief that without love, trust and courage in breaking rules of reality, every single human activity becomes vain.

The founder and artistic director of Needcompany, Jan Lauwers is a Belgian director and visual artist. For the last 25 years his interdisciplinary ensemble has been known for its passionate human stories, bringing new standards to contemporary art.


Screening organised as part of The Migratory Museum project.
Project The Migratory Museum subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage.
Partners: National Museum in Krakow, Barka Alrina, Stowarzyszenie Podgórze.pl.
Media patronage: Radio Kraków, O.pl, Cracow-life.com.
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