“Die Grosse Emballage” Nuremberg 1968

A scene from "Die Grosse Emballage," Nuremberg, photo: the Archives of the Foksal Gallery

A scene from “Die Grosse Emballage,” Nuremberg, photo: the Archives of the Foksal Gallery

In 1968 for the needs of the film “Kantor ist da” presented, among other things, the happening “Die Grosse Emballage.”


“[. . .] I have reduced the process of dressing a person to emballaging a figure with toilet paper. When making such a live emballage for the film “Kantor ist da” in Nuremberg, I stretched in time the very activity of emballaging itself; it lasted about one hour and my impression is that it is thanks to this abuse of time that the activity has been exposed in all its impartiality and absurdity.” [Borowski, Wiesław. “Rozmowa z Tadeuszem Kantorem.”(Interview with Tadeusz Kantor), in: Borowski, Wiesław. Tadeusz Kantor. Warszawa: Wydawnictwa Artystyczne i Filmowe, 1982, p. 86.]

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