December 2012 at Cricoteka

Events produced as part of the projects The Migratory Museum and Radical Languages provide an unconventional introduction to the new mission of Cricoteka, which – in 2013 – will open its new venue in the Krakow district of Podgorze. The multidisciplinary projects, which comprise events inspired by the work of Tadeusz Kantor, aim to showcase innovations planned for the activities of the institution.

Entry free to all events.

Please note that places are limited for events which are part of the Radical Languages project and prior reservation is required. You can book online from 26th November at

Unfortunately, due to the great interest in the performative events on 8 and 9 December, with effect from 6 December we will no longer be able to accept reservations.


Exhibition as part of the project Radical Languages

Tadeusz Kantor’s Gallery – Studio, ul. Sienna 7/5, Kraków
The exhibition will run: 7–27 December 2012
Opens: 7 December, 6 pm
Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 2–4 pm

Artists:  Tadeusz Kantor (objects), Nathaniel  Mellors (sculpture 7 Ages of Britain Teaser Face, film), Egill Sæbjörnsson (installation Various Projections).

The protagonists of the exhibition are objects  – ordinary objects,– or, as Tadeusz Kantor would have described them, ‘poor things’, suspended between life and death, deprived of their role in the theatre and animated with the help of modern technology.There has been a rich tradition of employing objects on the stage, from masks and marionettes to the theatre of shadows, machines and robots, and more. During the modernist era, the tradition revived, leading us to contemporary art and the birth of cinema. Today, also elements of virtual reality are considered ‘performing objects’. This modest presentation of the contemporary artists Nathaniel Mellors, Egill Sæbjörnssona and Tadeusz Kantor refers to avant-garde experiments and to the world of modern technology. The exhibition complements the performative programme Radical Languages, which combines the art of contemporary artists with the artistic practice of Tadeusz Kantor.

8 December, 1 p. m.
Live Monuments by Jan Książek, Lesław Janicki and Wacław Janicki
Cricoteka Archive, ul. Kanonicza 5

8 December, 2 p. m. / project The Migratory Museum
Screening of 1 + 1 = 0. Une très courte leçon de Tadeusz Kantor and meeting with filmmakers.
Instytut Historii Sztuki UJ, ul. Grodzka 53, room no. 39
Directed by: Marie Vayssière and Stéphane Nota.
Meeting hosted by: Małgorzata Paluch-Cybulska.

Radical Languages – a performative evening / project Radical Languages
8 December, 5 pm–midnight, Teatr Bagatela, ul. Sarego 7, Kraków

Participants: Yann Chateigné Tytelman (lecture), Sebastian Cichocki (staged lecture), Michael Portnoy (performance), Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys (projections),  Ian Saville (performance), Voin de Voin & Ancelle Beauchamp (performance), Nathaniel Mellors (performance, together with Andy Cooke).

First of all, what links the art of Tadeusz Kantor with contemporary artists? Who is afraid of androids? Are ventriloquists real? Does earth art have anything in common with opera singing? An evening devoted to telling anti-jokes and calling up spirits. The films showing in our cinema will be inspired by Monty Python, folk art and high art. The artists won’t be averse to amateurish displays, kitsch stage design or puppet theatre. We will make a smooth transition from solemn academic discourse to magic tricks. There will be a late-night concert.

9 December, 4 p. m. / project The Migratory Museum
An open viewing of acting workshop with the Cricot 2 Theatre actors Ludmiła Ryba and Marie Vayssière.
Cricoteka Archive, ul. Kanonicza 5

Radical Languages – a performative evening / project Radical Languages
9 December, 6 pm–11 pm,
Teatr Bagatela, ul. Sarego 7, Kraków

Participants: Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson (performance), Zhana Ivanova (performance), Elmgreen & Dragset (projection), Nicole Beutler (performance).

This will be the evening when objects get the upper hand. Our cinema will present a star-studded cult production, where Jeff Koons’s Rabbit will meet Giacometti’s Walking Man. Even though some of the objects in the later part of the programme may be down market, they will be used creatively. One of the invited guests will demonstrate the deceptive nature of gas boilers. The grand finale of the evening is bound to send shivers down your spine: a performance called existential gymnastics of the singing body, during which the protagonist will incarnate Antigone, Medea and Gretchen …

11 December, 4 p. m.
The concluding screening in the series of videos accompanying the exhibition Today Is My Birthday – a recording of the spectacle followed by a discussion with participation of Cricot 2 Theatre actors.
Cricoteka Archive, ul. Kanonicza 5

16th December, 6 p. m.
An open viewing of acting workshop with the Cricot 2 Theatre actor Bogdan Renczyński.
Cricoteka Archive, ul. Kanonicza 5


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Live Monuments, Krakow 2010, photo by Agnieszka Wawro, courtesy of the author


Live Monuments, Krakow 2010, photo by Agnieszka Wawro, courtesy of the author


Projects co-financed by: the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Flemish Representation at the Embassy of Belgium in Krakow and the Mondriaan Foundation. Project Partners: Barka Alrina, Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie, Instytut Historii Sztuki UJ, Institut International de la Marionnette in Charleville-Mézières, Fundacja Nowej Kultury Bęc Zmiana. Media Patrons: Dwójka Polskie Radio, TVP Kultura, TVP Kraków, Radio Kraków, Gazeta Wyborcza, Karnet,,,, E-splot

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