It was a stormy period, full of inner conflicts.
As though I stood at the crossroads and couldn’t make
one decision and take one direction.
But this is always the case in every real journey.
From the start I knew that my ROUTE will not be
Impatient questions multiplied.
You had to find answers to them.
What’s more, you had to walk down several roads.
Each of them seemed equally important,
compelling and indispensable.
I was struck by the naivety of the rigidly observed idea
of  t r e n d s  and of the “constructivists’ ” belief
that all that matters in one’s development is the road,
which leads from one stage to the next,
into an ever more perfect infinity.
The trouble was that all those “expectations” did not come true.
I soon realised that the theory was clearly false.
I was not afraid to walk a number of roads.
I was not ashamed of it. I considered it to be
a manifestation of freedom and imagination.
I believed that  i n s t i n c t  cannot go wrong.
I would like to retrace my steps along those roads once again.
Tadeusz Kantor, “Intimate Comments”, 1986-88, typescript in the Cricoteka Archives, p. 9.

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