Cricoteka and Krakow Live Festival 2015

Krakow Live Festival 2015. Go to the Museum!


At Krakow Live Festival 2015 we will be able to see and listen to, among others, Kendrick Lamar, bands Foals and Rudimental and for the first time in Poland: band Ratatat. In total, for three days there will be 18 concerts. But Krakow Live Festival is also a chance to meet with the history and art, thanks to a special program with Krakow’s museums and cultural instututions.




In cooperation with cultural institutions of  Cracow, Festival participants will be able to join a unique museum program, Cricoteka will be one of them!

During the festival, participants carring a festival wristband can enter for free our current exhibitions, as well as, on August  20, 21 and 22 join free guided tours around Cricoteka building. 

You can also spot our info materials around Festival’s area.

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