Anna Królica biography

dance critic and theoretician / curator of dance projects

Graduated Theatre Studies and Russian Philology at the Jagiellonian University, and is now — at the Department of Drama at the Jagiellonian University — preparing a PhD on the subject of memory and the body in Tadeusz Kantor’s Theatre of Death and Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wuppertal. She is the author of the first book about the recent history of contemporary dance in Poland: An Art to Discover. Essays on Polish Dance (Tarnów, 2011) and of Generation Solo (Kraków, 2013) — a series of interviews with young Polish choreographers published by Cricoteka. Member of the Artistic Committee of the Polish Dance Platform in 2008 and 2012, and from 2011 to 2013 — chairperson of the first Programme Committee of Dance at the Institute of Music and Dance. She was the coordinator for substantive matters at the 1st Dance Congress in 2011. In 2012 she received a creative scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. She is currently working on the curatorial programmes Choreographic Machine at Cricoteka in Kraków and Art from a Frog’s Perspective at the Zamek Cultural Centre in Poznań (she collaborated with Zamek previously as curator of the Body Archive project).

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