23. anniversary of Tadeusz Kantor`s death

8 th December

1 p.m.
Living Statues performed by Cricot 2 actors: Jan Książek as Eternal Wanderer and Lesław and Wacław Janicki as Two Hasidim with the Last Anchorage
Cricoteka Archive, ul. Kanonicza 5



2.30 p.m.
opening of an exhibition Jewish Motifs in the Work of Tadeusz Kantor
Exhibition in frames of the project Who Inspires Us? Tadeusz Kantor
Tadeusz Kantor`s Gallery-Atelier, ul. Sienna 7/5

about exhibition


Photograph from the cricotage ‘Where Are the Snows of Yesteryear”, „Stodoła” Students’ Club, Warsaw, 2–4 May 1984. Scene 9: The Trumpet of the Last Judgement. Rabbi: Zbigniew Gostomski, His Pupil: Dominika Michalczuk; photo: Jerzy Borowski

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