As a stage designer he transfers his formal experiments to official stages. Writes theoretical and polemical papers. Individual painting exhibition at the Po Prostu Gallery in Warsaw, constituting the first manifestation of Informel Art in Poland. A brief stay in Vienna. 
In Cracow, he establishes a group of avant-garde painters, the Cracow Group, over which he presides several times in the following years. It has existed ever since and is currently based at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Cracow.
Individual painting exhibition inaugurating the activity of this association. Co-organizes “The 2nd Modern Art Exhibition”, which had been the most significant manifestation of modern art in Poland since 1948. 
Establishes a perpetual and vivid connection with international art. A travel to Sweden and Paris. Individual exhibit at the Samlaren Gallery in Stockholm. Participates in “L’art du XXI- siecle. Rendez-vous de l’avant-garde internationale” at Palais des Expositions in Charleroi. Illustrates the first postwar edition of Witold Gombrowicz’s “Ivona, Princess of Burgundia” published by Państwowy Instytut Wydawniczy in Warsaw in 1958.
Maria Jarema, with whom they were bound by a long-lived friendship, passes away in Cracow.
Individual painting exhibitions at the Galerie H. Le Gendre in Paris and the Kunsthalle in Düsseldorf. Takes part in the international “Documenta 2” exhibition in Kassel. 
Individual painting exhibitions at the Saidenberg Gallery in New York City and at the Galleri 54 in Göteborg. Participates in the thirtieth biennial in Venice. With the Cricot 2 Theatre embarks on the rehearsals for a new performance, St. I. Witkiewicz’s The Country House.
Works for one semester as a visiting professor at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg, Painting Faculty. An extended stay in Germany, Sweden, Italy and France. Individual exhibition at the Galerie H. Le Gendre in Paris. Prepares the staging of St. I. Witkiewicz’s The Country House at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Cracow (premiere on January 14).
Returns to Cracow in the middle of the year. Prepares the staging and set for J. Massenet’s opera Don Quixote.
Organizes the great “Popular Exhibition” at the Krzysztofory Gallery, which is one of the first Environnement in Poland. At the same gallery he stages Witkiewicz’s play Madman and the Nun(premiere on June 8). Creates his first Emballages.
A travel to Switzerland, Germany and France. Individual painting exhibitions at the Alice Pauli Galerie in Lausanne. Participates in the exhibition of Polish painting “Profiles IV” in Bochum. Opens a series of paintings (Collages) with umbrellas. Writes the Emballages Manifesto which later develops into the method and platform for all of his subsequent artistic achievements. 
Travels to the United States for seven months. Organizes his first Happenings “The Dividing Line” and “Cricotage” in Warsaw and Cracow.



Prepared by: Józef Chrobak

Translation by: Monika Kowalska, Karolina Mitka, Andrzej Kula

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