100 years since the birth of Tadeusz Kantor – public meeting in Cluj

6 April 2015 

On 6 April 2015, at 5pm, in the “Art Club” Studio of the Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, Andrej and Teresa Welminski invite you to a public meeting, celebrating 100 years since the birth of Tadeusz Kantor.



Polish Theatre director, set designer, actor, painter, emballage creator (“Emballage Manifesto”, 1964) and theoretician, Tadeusz Kantor was born on 6 April 1915 in Wielopole Skrzynski, and died on 8 December 1990, conducting his activity mostly in Cracow. He is one of the top representatives of Polish Avant-garde, a true revolutionary of performance art, his most important productions being The Dead Class (1975), Wielopole, Wielopole (1980), Let the Artists Die (1985), or I shall never return (1988). He is the founder of the Cricot 2 Theatre company, together with which, starting with 1955, he created perfomances and happenings presented in Poland and around the world.


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